Beetroot vindaloo

March 14th, 2018

Bust busy busy, which is a good thing I suppose. It’s because Easter is only 2 weeks away and Jesus has a load for me to do before then, before the clients arrive, getting there but I am starting to fall asleep in front of the tele. What with all that work the Gralla group told me that I will be playing with them at the Easter fair in the village, no pressure then. I also still want to play the ukulele and learn Catalan, might give the learning French a miss for a while.
As for the weekend, It wasn’t Pepes, actually it was for me, because there was a pool competition, I entered knowing I had to loose as the next round was Saturday night and we where going out with Inger Saturday night. I did loose, although at one point I thought I wouldn’t as the bloke I was playing was worse then me. Moira’s stayed at home as did Cerrie and Sonny.
Saturday night we went out with Inger to Chez Luisette, we had their pad Thai which was delicious last time I had it but lacked zest this time. So glad I learnt to eat with chop sticks when I was young.
Sunday we went to Mollet de Peralada as there was a cod fair on. Barely any cod was available, but there was 3 Gralla groups doing their bit which was interesting for me, maybe not so much Moira. We also found another place to buy pellets, I think we are liking Lydia’s pellets at the moment. That night we meet Ian and Stewart in Pepes, Inger and Irena came along, and the Steve and Maria. After everyone went home Maria come over to ours for a bit to much wine for Sunday night. We all made it Zumba the next evening though.

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