Pickled chillies

March 22nd, 2018

It was Moira’s birthday yesterday, we went to a Turkish restaurant in Figueres, more like a charming Turkish cafe, really good and really cheap.
Moira had a weekend on her own, Friday night she took me to the train station Saturday night she went to Pepes and Sunday night she picked me up again from th same train station. I had gone to England to plant, as it happens, I had gone to England to plant while it was snowing, breaking all the gardening rules but, Dad and I did a good job.
Saturday night we went for a pub lunch, it was still snowing which made the drive home interesting.
Sunday morning it had been snowing so much that we really could do nothing rules or no rules. Mid day I started to make my way home. A good weekend planting and playing the ukulele and cooking when necessary.
Tuesday I had a funny one, I was doing a hedge when a big bag flew by, that never happens thanks mum I thought to myself. Then Jesus found 2 more big bags blowing down the road the next day.

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