Maria goes to the Colombian shop

March 29th, 2018

I reckon by Saturday I will be able to play, El Circ, Rock, a bit of a white stripes song, a bit of a pasa doble, Nino nana or something like that and the first bit of la manta al cool. On the gralla, whether I can play them on the day is yet to be heard.
Last weekend was a bit busy, Friday night we went to Pepes as usual.
Saturday it rained all day but we still managed to go Max’s party, which we go to every year in his workshop near Marca. Then host a curry night for Moira’s birthday at home.
Sunday was Pepes birthday party, it wasn’t raining which was handy as he had cooked calcots, for us and his family.
Monday we had a bit of recovering to do before my last Gralla rehearsal and then Zumba.

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