Aunty Mary had a canary

May 8th, 2018

got the old computor out for the first time for ages, had a bit of time as Joanna cancelled, she is working, and i had no need to go to Figueres with Moira. time to catch up, water the garden, check the pool, practice the graller and the ukulele and even do a bit of studying catalan, then make dinner using the peas grown in the garden.
Friday night as usual was Pepes night, he might be able to get me the coffe bags i use for our coffee machine, which will be brilliant, as being Pepe the coffee will be good coffee and if i buy it using his name he vcan claim back the I.V.A.
Saturday i worked, it didnt rain like it was forecast, came home and mowed our lawn, as we were having lodgers, they turned up hung around a bit, disapeared, then returned saying they had to go as the daughter had been rushed to hospital, it seems she is ok now. they had booked and payed for 3 nights, we stayed in that night.
Sunday i worked a bit with Moiras help, then we went to Figueres as there was a fiesta going on, we stayed had a look around, drunk some beer, felt a bit like we where on our holidays then came home for something to eat and a walk up behind the village.

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