We have a president

May 16th, 2018

Back to writing on the old iPad that I have to say is quicker then the computor even though it’s older then the computor.
The weekend, we had guests, it rained, but not Friday night, Friday night was off course Pepe with Cerrie. Isabel and Stweart were going to come along but didn’t feel we deserved to have to listen to Stewart’s sister in law who apparently doesn’t stop talking.
Saturday I worked all day, finished doing the garden of the Austrains which should mean that for the next couple of weeks I won’t have so much work to do. That night we did have guests and that night it did rain all night. it was Eurovision night, it was so good that I feel asleep half way through.
Sunday was cold and wet. We went to Girona Temps de Flors as we always do, except last year, a lot less people then normal due to the rain, but still enjoy the whole thing especially as every year we always see something new. We had time for a curry then a bit more of a walk round looking at more flowers then home by the slightly faster train then the one we got to get there. I took Mums wedding ring to Girona, If I remember I will take it to Pepes next weekend.

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