Three quarter length trousers

May 22nd, 2018

This weekend the swimming pool has been messing with my head, we had guests until Friday morning and the pool was starting to go cloudy, they left, I chucked some chlorine in but probably not enough.more guests arrived on Saturday, the pool wasn’t perfect but they wanted to swim so I put a little bit more chlorine, again probably not enough, but then I couldn’t chuck loads in as that would mean the guest couldn’t swim. It kept looking better then worse again. The guests left as did Moira, was going to London to buy a frock. Today I have had enough and chucked all the liquid chlorine we have left at it, which probably won’t be enough.
A part from the pool everything else went well. It was my birthday Thursday, we met Cerrie, Inger, Irena and Pepe in the bar for a couple of drinks. Friday night again in Pepes this time with just Cerrie and Sonny.
Saturday I wasn’t working in the morning so went to Figueres to buy peanuts.we stayed in that night and watched the pool get a bit better.
Sunday when the guests had got up from breakfast we went to L,Escala for a walk along the prom, we ate on the balcony that night for the first time for ages, this time the pool wasn’t looking that great.
Monday morning the guests left leaving us with a name of a good Indian restaurant in Barcelona

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