margaret goes home

June 5th, 2018

it feels like its rained every day for weeks, generally only in the evening and generally only when i havent taken along waterproofs to work.
thinfgs are a bit different at the moment as Pepes is shut, he handed his town bar over to a new couple, and is now when he is not looking after cows getting the tourtoise bar ready for sant Joan at the end of June. not to worry though as Chez Luisette is open, on Friday we went with Inger and her daughter with her daughters sons and Irena. bit more expensive then Pepes, a lot more expensive but we had a really good time, even got shown how to floss and got to pull out of the closet some really old children friendly jokes.
Saturday i worked in the morning then we went to Corca as Moira had a stall selling her jewellery at the anglican church spring fair. No one came, still she managed to sell some pieces.
that night we stayed in to watch Britains got talent
Sunday after doing the washing and the weekly swimming pool clean, we went to Palau to prune a hedge then to Roses as it was the roses fair of Roses, as usual there was very few roses. next week we will not be going to Roses as it was the second week in a row.

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