The flirt.

July 24th, 2018

Quite weekend, or that was the idea.
We didn’t go out and eat Friday night as we had eastern out a lot over the last 2 weeks so we went to the bar after dinner for a couple. Then Steve and his father in law turned up. They were about to leave when Maria and her step mother turned up. They were finishing their first drink when Tina and John also turned up. When we left we left a good tip.
Saturday I was working and we stayed in for the evening.
Sunday it was a bit over cast so when Moira had got rid of the guests and cleaned up we went for a walk to Pepes via the tour de Garriguella. About an hour after we got home Pepe turned up to take the old boiler away, we have already payed for the new one, not as much as we feared. That night we had no guests the last night until the end of August. We sat on the balcony and enjoyed every minute.

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