Placido Domingo

August 1st, 2018

It’s hot, and tomorrow is going to be hotter, it’s so hot when you rest your elbow on the table to type it slides off.
I’m going to go backwards last night we went to the bar as Mick and Tracy where here for Irenas birthday and her birthday party which was Monday night. Inger arranged music and food Moira did more food and got in touch with old friends of Irena, they did loads and it payed of. She loved it, we all had a great time in amongst the vine yards drinking, chatting and listening to a man playing a guitar.
Sunday a part from blowing up Balloons, meeting mick and Tracy in the bar tidying our garden up for the next guests while Moira worked on the house, making vegan cheese, as by sheer coincidence we had 3 vegans staying. A part from all that we did very little.
Saturday I worked as did Moira and that night we stayed in and sat on the balcony until it was time to go to bed.
Friday night we went up to Pepe o eat and watch the moon eclipse and turn red.

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