The parsley got a massive shock

August 20th, 2018

We was a bit busy last week de to Dad being here until Tuesday, paying guests, Joanna and then the fiesta Major of Garriguella.
Friday night was the disco mobile in the cementeri vell behind the church, for us, until 3 in the morning as Moira had to get up and do breakfast at 7.oo, b for some people it went on until last at least 8.00 am.
Saturday I had some work to do as did Moira,new guests arriving and then more fiesta. We didn’t make it till 3 this time.
Sunday Moira had a double change over, so I did the garden. Until she had finished then we went for a vermouth put on by the village and then up to Pepes before we had to back home to meet and greet the new guests.

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