Lemon grass oil

September 11th, 2018

La Diada, Catalunyas day off due to losing there country to Spain. We went to the beach instead of Barcelona, but last night we did participate in the Diada party as the street cats association was providing the old and drink. Hundred people and more turned up to eat sausages and white beans, I have to say though that it was good fun, I got to talk Catalan and politics all in one night.
The weekend, there was music up at Pepes on Saturday night, so instead of going out Friday night we ate at home then went to the bar for a couple. Saturday night t pass the time before the music started, we went for a very good curry in Figueres.
Sunday we had guests, the last weekend with 2 couples, after Moira had tidied up and I had cleaned the pool and done a bit of gardening we went to Castello de Empuries as it was their medieval festival, we go every year.

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