There is nothing as queer as folk.

September 26th, 2018

Had a cold last week, a good excuse. I had no idea how bad it was. I kind of got rid of it then it came back, dehydrated and coughing up broen stuff. Carried on working, couldnt work out why i was so tied. It also didnt stop mr going in a sind tu nel for tourist ( a birthday present gro Inger). Woke up this Sunday morning feeling un feverish which is when i realised what an idiot i had been. Still coughing but that always happens to me after a cold.
Meanwhile Irene arrived Thursday afternoon. Ww went yo Can Batlle Friday nifht. They gave us the meal for free, we have sent a lot of people to them this summer. I wasnt tge fact that we saved so money it was the sentiment, we are foriegners here it finally felt lije we were being allowed to integrate.
Saturday i worked and we stayed in as Irene wanted to wtch strictly.
Sumday we went to Darniua, taking a picnic and a few friends to celebrate Irenes birthday.
Monday lunch time i met the in the coop, her actuall birthday and that evening she came to Zumba with us.
Ian out of Ian and Diane died last week suddenly, we assume a heart attack. Rest in Peace Ian.

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