Papa luna

October 16th, 2018

PeƱiscola, a new fizzy drink or a small peninsula with a templars castle built on it surrounded by beach and tourism. We went there, to camp, to be tourist and to switch off for a couple of days. Get up when we wanted and siesta when we wanted. The castle was very interesting, the indian restaurant was good and the sun shone while allaround us were being rained on. Seen it, probably wont bother to go back.
We arrived home on the Friday,Malcom and Fiona took us out to eat at Can Batlle.
Saturday i worked with a little help from the team, then we went for a walk round Roses, shopping really.
Sunday the big day, the walk from Roses to Cadaques. The weather was perfect it rained once for 5 minutes, the 5 minutes that we where under pine trees. Always wanted to do it and really glad ive done it. Next time knowing how far it is we would probably take our time as 5 hours was pushing it including a half hour stop to eat. The bud back was interesting.

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