Change of tack

October 28th, 2018

It’s pissing down on a Sunday my day off, it’s also really cold, too cold for here at this time of year. This time last year we where sitting by the sea drinking beer at Sant Marti. Looks like it’s going to be cold until Monday. Last week it went from flip flop weather to winter and thick socks, stopped me treating the palm tree. I planted a vigorous climbing rose that I got from a cutting last year, it’s under the palm tree, just in case one day the palm tree finally sercums to the red palm weevil.thats the reason I planted a fig tree there as well although the fig is going to take a while to grow as it is not even a foot high and I planted it in October last year.
We went to the bar Friday night, it’s not Pepes bar anymore it’s Antionellas bar I suppose, it was nice Moira and I talked to each other which like most long term marriages doesn’t happen very often,not in a bad way but you tend to know what the other person is going to say as you was possibly there when the thing happened that they are going to talk about. We remained, not keen on reminiscing but some times it’s a good thing while in the local bar drinking wine and eating egg and chips.

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