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April 14th, 2008

Natalie was here this weekend, she got here Friday night so we went to the restaurant in the hotel as its is a bit too easy to get to, sadly the goats cheese salad was a bit overdressed.

Saturday Nat had her massage that we got her for her Christmas then i started setting up the pump for the well while Nat and Moira sunbathed. after spending at least an hour in the shop on Friday getting all the stuff that i needed i was still missing something a small piece that as always is quite important, i went in wanting a pump that goes at the bottom of the well and came out with a pump that goes at the top of the well because here they don’t let you buy anything if it is too expensive. Before i started on the well i took Ians Kids swimming with him at the place where i worked last year, i go because he is not allowed to drive, while his daughter was swimming we got talking to one of Pro-jardi clients that was complaining that her Jag was to big and she had scratched it in the car park in Figueres. that night we went to the bar to meet Cerrie for 1 or 2 beers, it was busy because Barcelona was playing, i think.

Sunday we went for a walk to the restaurant in St Quizes  we started form the tortoise sanctuary and walked up to the ridge above Villaminiscle then along for about 4 hours. it was a lovely walk and the views were amazing, Pepe was collecting asparagus on the way to give to the chef in the restaurant to make a omelette for me, but by the time we got there they were a bit limp so we didn’t bother, i had salad and chips instead. Then we went up the French border in Mick and Tracys 4X4 van, there is a refuge up there which was full of furtive looking teenagers when we got there. last stop was Pepes bar for a few more beers then home. what a great day.

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