allright boss

September 12th, 2008

with a song in my heart, or is it the bear in my tummy, or the fact that it is friday, the weekend, it seems like we have had 2 weekends this week, thursday was Catalan day, which meant a day off, time to have a go at my own garden and do a bit more of the painting in our bedroom. i then went for a walk which i thought would be quite interesting but it went no where, i did pass by a massive bunker.

After watching spiderman 2 i went to the airport to collect Moira. it was doing that tropical rain thing that it does here, the lightning over the hills was amazing, when we got back there was more rain and lightning which lit up the swimming pool. this was after we had popped in the bar as i thought we had seen Mick and Tracy on there last night but it was some one else with blonde hair i managed to order patata bravas for the morning though which was a good thing.

i am to look after Mick and Tracys tools why they are away which could be a while even a couple of years, Tracy said i could take any wood that i need for our fire place from her land but i am to keep her borders tidy, which is fine, once a month pop up there and go over the lot with their strimmer, easy.

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