September 27th, 2008

got home last night, after being in the bar with Jesus for a couple and discovering the bar isnt closed from thursday to thursday but it is closed just on the thursdays, to listen to a bit of the Tony Ben CD that Andy had given us, brilliant, its tony bens speeches set to dance music, i know a few people that would just hate it, snigger snigger.

we had coffee in bed this morning the first time this summer and talked about our 3 day holiday in Madrid, im quite excited, i havent been on holiday for ages.

why does the computor always want to install updates when all you want to do is switch the computor on quickly write something or check for emails then switch of and go.

i had to leave the computor while it was down loading stuff and we went to the beach via the cami de ronda we have pretty much done it now from the posh french restaurant just after the nudist beach we took Graham too and to a little stone cabin just passed port d Selva, i decided to take some photos with the phone but i couldnt get it to work. we then went to this warehouse in Villajuiga that is full of old stuff called antiques again i took a photo. now im going to clean the swimming pool and water the remaining tomatoes.

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