fife watches birds

September 30th, 2008

there was a forest fire today just over the border in France, but because of the North wind we got the smoke.

there is a flower on one of the aubergines, at last, i gave up on the butter nut squashes it just wasnt happening, still there is always next year. i have also been knocking down the fancy terracotta brick walls round the so called lawn, its looks great but it means now i have to move the bench as you get vertigo sitting on it. so as not to fill the land fill site to much i have broken up the terracotta into tiny bits to use as mulch and fill the shallow open drain going round the lawn.

Mum, if you want to plant the tree peony in the garden you need to plant it at least 15cm bellow the graft so the bit above the graft can produce roots which will take over when the root stock dies after a few years.

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  1. Mum Says:

    that can be sorted next week can’t it thetree peony i mean
    moiras necklace was in the news of the world sunday suplimentthis week and every one at works thinks shes very clever which she is

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