a smile without a cat

March 23rd, 2010

the tobacco has germinated

the weekend was Moiras birthday weekend, and Pepes, Saturday we went to chase up the sunbeds, they where going to arrive in May, they had originally said March, we decided to wait and not ask for our money back when the mans boss that was dealing with us, told us there was 4 of the others , the same but with wood on the arm rest, bit more expensive but we could have them for the same price as the others, so we got the more expensive sun beds for the price of the others, that was the price in the sale which meant we got 4 for the price of 3. that night we watched “Bruno”. what a film that was.

Sunday Moiras birthday we went to Llafranc with everybody and walked up until Tamariu, it would have taken 2 hours 30 but we had a picnic in the middle, half the woods are destroyed after the great snow of 2010. that night we went to a restaurant in Emporia brava, called Girasol (sunflower) a good sign as far as i was concerned and they did make an effort with the veggie food we had Tempeh which i havent had for ages, bit expensive though, apparently the meat was very good, very well cooked, i was driving.

Carlos has started to paint the house he was to start yesterday but it rained all day, i worked, Jesus has given up telling me not too.

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