mixing the oils

May 2nd, 2010

not much to say.

its rained today, we went to  the toot market at Catello de empurios this morning Moira bought a few things she called send of to India and i bought a wire stripper as i seem to have done a lot of wire stripping since we got here. then we went to have a omelete sandwich in the same bar as we used to get an omelete sandwich when we first moved here, it was quite a nice thing to do, Moira is wanting to get a car which means we a checking out everything that passes, take 2 people that have very little, if no interest in cars whatsoever and send them out to buy one. i even found myself picking up a free car mag from a petrol station and taking it away with us.

Yesterday the weather wasnt to good either so we went for a walk along the beach at Sant pere pescador, something we havent done before, its huge, the beach we found a little beach bar open to take refreshments then came home as Moira was wanting cheese on toast. what did we used to do when it was raining in London?

we went to the Placa Friday evening for a meal, we havent been there for ages, it hasnt changed much. not really the best restaurant in the world for me. its nice to go there evry now and then though, they had photos of the snow at our table.

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