8 winds

May 18th, 2010

after i said the weather was picking up again it changed and rained pretty much every day so it has taken until today for Carlos to come and finish the house, he has got tomorrow morning and then thats it. it looks great.

it was my birthday yesterday, i decided to leave monday night like it always is and celebrate my birthday on Friday as i have started the summer times for getting up for work, i now start at 7 in the mornihng but finish at 3 ish like last sumer. Moira went to yoga and i went to the bar to play pool, i beat Mark which should never have happened, he wasnt playing very well, i guess. we then came home and cracked open a bottle of Cava. nice

the weekend was fun we drove to Cathy and Andys in France a 5 hour drive which the van coped with, no problem, i had to stop for a wee after 3 hours and something to eat as we left Friday night straight after work, but we got there, just at the point Cathy, Andy, Jonathan and Margot were having afters, perfect.

Saturday was a site seeing day, a lovely part of the world, a bit left and down from Toulouse, rolling hills, Cathy and Andys house is lovely, with shit loads of land, and amazing views. that evening we went for a meal in there village with a couple of Cathy and Andys friend, he spoke spanish which came out more and more, the more he drunk, i even understood some of what was being said in French, probably because of the catalan i have learnt, but i couldnt say a word except, goats cheese salad without ham please.

Sunday was great as there was a rose festival in the village, the high street was full of different roses all to buy, Moira bought me one called “Hot cocoa” for my birthday. then we drove home as Cerrie was having problems getting in the house, as one of the tiny little bolts that we have never closed, mainly because they didnt close untill one rainy day when i fixed them, but still we never closed them, the bottom one , it might have been Fife trying to get out, or the wind, decided to close itself, luckily it was such a small waste of time bolt that a stiff boot broke it easily and the door was open again. that night Barca won the league.

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