sowing chillis

March 22nd, 2011

the van passed its MOT again its every 6 months, i go thinking, how can i sell the van, or we should have part exchanged it when we bought the Fiat and then when it passes, its the best van in the world again.

It was Moiras birthday this weekend, so the village put on a carnival Saturday night, we all dressed up and danced in the street then there was a band in the school hall, sadly the music was rubbish. Sunday it was “Rancho” the whole village came out to eat salad, rice, beans and meat, brunnols and drink wine and ganacha, i removed the meat from my plate and covered what was left with chilli sauce so i couldnt taste the taste of the meat. we went to the bar aftewards and made Jackie put on the 70s music Cd that Mark and Wendy bought Moira.

i bought Moira a heated under sheet for the bed which she gone on about having all winter.

2 Responses to “sowing chillis”

  1. Natalie Cole Says:

    Thats really strange I am about to buy a heated blanket too! I can’t heat up the bed with my cold bum when Andy is in London!

  2. Farah Says:

    I love my heated xmas pressie ever…xxx

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