they dont have a subjunctive bone in thier bodies

September 18th, 2011

Its Sunday evening and im righting the blog because what else is there to do, its bucketing down outside and windy, what did we used to do in London when the weather was like this?probably not much either. We have been to 2 village fairs though today, Llado, the cheese fair, the eweatherhadtaken its toll on the the usual amount of people that turn up, but its was still worth the visit and as usual we came away with a huge lump of parmessan, traditional catalan cheese. and then we came home via Villabertran, just passed Figueres, as it was the stuffed apple fair, it was coming to an end when we got there but there was still a few stalls, the weatheragain hadnt helped the turn out. Moira drove, which she was quite chuffed about.

Last night we stayed in and barbequed veg instead of roasting the veg, to go with cous cous and it worked, we went to Figueres in the morning to my nut lady who im getting the feeling is starting to recognise me, we then went on to the beach at Almadrava.

Friday night was Can Batlle which as always, was nice, the mushrooms where a bit to oily, but wont stop me ordering them again.

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  1. jenny Says:

    hi adam – sounds like life is good! moira says you’re never on facebook so i’m giving this a go! did she tell you me and graham were coming over at the end of October? She is going to be in china – boo! but will you be free for a visit? if you’re up for it we thought we’d come over on saturday october 29th? we can get the train to vilajuiga then train back to barca the next day? let me know what you think -we will take you out to dinner in return for your lovely hosting – and bring stuff over from bonnie scotland if you need anything that won’t go off too quick – we arrive in barcelona on 27 october! Lots of love jenny xx don’t worry if you’ve got other plans though 🙂

  2. Adam Says:

    Hola Jenny, i think my sister is coming over at that time as well but that shouldnt be a problem, be lovely to see you both. Adam

  3. jenny Says:

    Aw thanks Adam – be good to see Natalie as well – bonus! Will get your number from Moira and call nearer the time then – looking forward to seeing you 🙂

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