take care of yourself

November 7th, 2011

Moira is home.

Today was almost the first day that it looked like it might not rain, it did rain but the morning was nice. Jesus is back from his holidays, which meant i had to speak spanish again.

Yesterdeay we went to L’ Estarit for a walk and a curry, but it was to wet to do much of a walk and the curry house was closed. so we went for an Italian in L’ Escala which was alright, my lasagna was good, Mark and Ian got crisps instead of chips. Came back via the bar for a couple before coming home and putting the fire on.

Saturday we didnt do very much apart from shopping and finally sorting out the shelves we had ordered over a month ago but the shop had lost the order, and Moira was away and i wasnt sure what in fact we had ordered in the first place. but its done now all that remains is for the manager to ring to say he has it all ready, which should be soon as even though they lost the order from the book the order was sent to the factory the first time that we went in to the shop. a bit complicated but what isnt these days. we went for a spot of lunch in Empuria Brava because Moira needed her white sliced from Montserrat, then home and latter on X factor.

Friday was when Moira got home, and it had been raining all day so i wasnt working which gave me time to paint one of the spare bedrooms.

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  1. mom Says:

    we painted our spare room last week as well…

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