its an english thing

November 14th, 2011

the weather is still rubbish and its starting to get cold.

We have had Andy and Cathy here this weekend. They arrived Friday night and Cathy cooked for us as well as providing some really nice cheeses. Andy was in good form, we went to the cooperativa to fill up on wine, the new wine is in, we all tried it but i get the impression i was the only one that liked it. Saturday, we went to Llanca and Port de la Selva, to get out the house and Andy and Cathy hadnt been to Llanca before. that night we all meet, minus Wendy who is in Ireland, up in the Cafe Colon until Mark starting singing a Doors song he always sings when he was drunk, we left quickly and came home where Andy and i bridged the north south divide gap or we didnt im not sure, at4 in the morning the same conversation was on its round for the 3rd time so it was decided we should stop.

Sundaywhen every one eventually got up we went to Peralada because it had a little fair going on selling the usual cheese incense and crafty stuff. but it was nice to walk round Peralada when there was a few people there. that night we went to Roses for Tapas with Cerrie and Pepe, to the tapas bar we had gone to with Jonathan, but Andy wasnt felling to well so didnt say much.

They have gone now and its the usual Monday night again Moira goes to Yoga, the dishwasher doesnt work and i study half an hour of Catalan.

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  1. Cathy Says:

    We had a very nice time thank you.

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