putting on the electric blanket

December 19th, 2011

Monday again and tonight is the pool competition dinner,i will try not to get too drunk.

Yesterday we went up to the resevoir to see it when it is full and my god its full the water is up to the bar/ restaurant. it was so high that we couldnt walk the normal route, so we went the other way which brought us out at the dam, which sorts out the problem next time we go, as to where do we park at the dam or by the restaurant. we then went for a beer in Darnius to a bar we had gone to when we where first here when you could still smoke in bars and it was so smokey that you almost had to cut your way in, now its a bit clearer, as the all the hunters that smoke are in a nicotine stained room behind the bar, with the bar maid half in and half out smoking as well. thats just the way it is in tiny villages in the middle of nowhere, and i wouldnt change it for the world.

Saturday was market day then potter around the house until 10 when we went to the bar to meet Mark, Wendy was felling a bit poorly.there has opened a new bar in the village, it used to be the jazz club but now they play all types of music, usually a band then a DJ afterwards, but only on Friday and Saturday night, that was where we were going with Mark, the singer was a bit too hippyfied for us.

Friday night Moira drove to Roses so we could have a pizza then we came back to meet Mark and Wendy in Pepes so we could go on to listen to a band called ‘the onions’ we got there late as we were playing pool. who ever heard of things starting on time here.

the rest of the week i was helping Pepe and Cerrie pick their olives after working for Jesus in the morning, they are going to pay me with olive oil.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    blimey – I can remember going to the dam with water level must have been at least 200m away from the bar..

    See you and Moi next Wednesday

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