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December 27th, 2011

We are back home, infact we got home late last night after driving from Barcelona, mid nightish, its not that difficult driving from Barcelona just boring, i came off the motor way at Girona and went along the N11 for a bit of a change of scene.

We had been to Scotland, stunning place but it was nice to get some sun on our faces again today. We stayed at Irenes for the duration. Party the first night at Fionas then back to Irenes for a couple and to gossip about the rest of the people there.

Christmas day we were back at Fionas walking, cooking and chatting, i needed the walk, i made Delias onion and goats cheese tarts with a bit to much sage, for myself, Fiona had started to make something, i had some of the filling at the party. there was pressies as well loads of food not to much wine as i was driving, but i think every one had a good time it was nice to see every one again. then it was back to Irenes to crack open a bottle of wine and discuss how the day had gone.

The last day, and it was back up to Fionas for soup and to say ‘see you later’, thanks to the people i forgot to say thanks to on Christmas day, then in the car and home, a flying christmas visit full of stuffing.

Getting to Barcelona airport was a different story. actually getting to the airport was easy it was Ikea using Moiras tiny map was a bit opf a nightmare, but we found it, sadly, then went to a Castelldefers which is really close to Barcelona airport and is a beach resort with a really long beach where we had late lunch, did a bit of the promenade, watched the sun set, then back to the airport.

The meal after the pool competition was hilarious and i have the video to prove it.

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