i dropped a grape

January 1st, 2012

Happy new year.

not only is it new years day but its a sunday. nothing will be open, so i pruned the Bourganvilla, even Auruaras is shut, that never happens. then after being told off by the old girls comming home from the church that i shouldnt be pruing the bourganvilla because it was work and if you start the year working you never know what kind of evil will follow you through the rest of the year, or something like that, i did mention that pruning my own bourganvilla was hardly work. Afterwards we went for a paddle in the Med, and a wee stroll to find a bar open and now we are home, ive also started to make mincemeat but i have to leave it over night before i add the achohol.

Yesterday was fun New years eve. first we went to the market to buy the ingredients for the mincemeat, im now on talking terms with the nut lady. also bought some cabbages to grow near the railway sleepers that ive put in buy the bamboo under neath the stone sun set seat, which i did on Friday as i had Friday off because Jesus owed me a days holiday. when we got home cooked something for me and Cerrie to eat at the football club doo. which we went to after popping in on Irena to wish her happy new year and see how her christmas went, as she has been away. the football club was as much fun as usual, i kind of get the impression we are pretty much accepted now, we went on afterwards to see what was happening in the Sindicat but no one was there then to the school hall but by then we had probabaly had to much Cava and what with celebrating 2 new years it was time to come home.

Friday night was great we had eaten sat down to watch some tele about 11 decided there was nothing on worth watching so went down the sindicat to watch a live band knowing that if we didnt like them home was only 2 mins away and the fire would still be warm.

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  1. Graham Says:

    I thought you weren’t supposed to use railway sleepers as they had been treated with tar to make them weatherproof and that poisons the soil too much to grow healthy plants.

    I could be wrong but another gardener told me that.

  2. Adam Says:

    he wasprobably right to tell you that, and, the are apperently carconogenic as well.
    the ones i used aree ecological and have been soaked in some kind of plant/soil happy fungicide to stop them rotting, like the ones round the hammock.
    they are also from farmed woodlands and not shipped in from russian.
    Do i owe you some money?

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