“i want to go somewhere where there are no markets”

January 10th, 2012

Mum and Dad have gone, i dropped them off at Figueres and havent heard from them since so it must have been the right train that i sent them too.

Started Catalan again on Wednesday, Thursday Mum and Dad arrived at Villajuiga. that night it was the kings parading the streets of Garriguella then more importantly hot chocolate afterwards, we all met up in Cerrie and Pepes which is what we have every year since we got here, then watched the kings then went to the bar then to the chocolate.

Friday was a spanish holiday, more commonly known as lets go to France day, as France didnt have a day off. then Ceret because Mum wanted go get Moira a pot we had seen earlier. that night Moira made fish pie and then we played Happy Families all night.

Saturday we went to Empuria Brava market then Cap de Creus for lunch and back home via Cadaques, the little car was having a great time. that night we went to the Placa for something to eat and wish the waiters a happy new year.

Sunday we went for a picnic up at the reservoir, the water had gone down quite a bit, but it was a lovely sunny day. then home to do a bar-b-que in the dark and just as the wind decided to pick up again.

Monday night we took them to the pizza restaurant in Roses, i love having gthe veggie pizza as veg are layed  out separately so you can have a bit with red peppers then a bit with onion, am i weird?


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