red pepper hummus

November 6th, 2012

its a wee bit cold. November doesnt seem that good a month weather wise. but not to worry the Van has had its service and it didnt cost me the arm and a leg i thought it would, and the council have got round to fixing the small leak in the street just before the pipe enters our house. all i need to do is take the van for its MOT, which is already a month over due, but then apparently that is nothing here.

Moira is in South Korea today and will be in China tomorrow, she left first thing Sunday morning which meant we cut short the party in the village for halloween, i dont think we missed much though, Moira dressed up as a witch and i turned myself into a vampire, amazing what you can do with some white face paint and stage blood. that was Saturday night

during the day we i went to the market while Moira went to be massaged with a pestle wrapped in herbs ( a birthday present from Jesus and Merce, which she has finaly had time to take advantage of)

Friday night we went to the Cafe Colon for fish and chips, and we wernt the only customers in the restaurant which was good for the Cafe Colon and for us as it added a bit more to the ambiance of the place.

Thursday was a day of, the day of the dead, when every one goes to lay flowers on a loved ones grave. Moiras was working so i took the opportunity to do some well needed gardening in our garden.

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