scrumping pomegranites

November 13th, 2012

Moiras back, she got back Monday midday, but still managed to go to yoga.

Sunday as Moiras wasnt here, i went for a walk to Peralada, mainly to make sure i new the way, ive found a new way to get there that doesnt involve pushing through a load of undergrowth and crossing a vine yard. and also there was a pan con tomate fair. when i finally got home i got the miny barby going and cooked an aubergine on it while making peanut sauce in the kitchen, ive found some cheap peanut butter that isnt too offensive.

Saturday, went shopping but got back in time to ring Moira in China, then after a bit of a snooze i went to see James Bond ‘Skyfall’ with Irena, she went because she wanted to see Danial Craig with his top off. good film, liked it. when we got back to village Irena treated me to a beer in Pepes then she went home, i didnt, i went on to the Sindicat, there was only a Dj  but that was fine, chatted to a few people had a beer then came home.

Friday night, i went round Mark and Wendys as she was doing a bit of a dinner to say good bye and good luck to Cerrie who is now in England to have the baby, it was nice to see Ian and Diane again as i havent seen Diane since before the summer due to many reasons.

Been working for Jon and Yasmina again strimming some of their land, which nicely fills the afternoons i am not working for Jesus, who i thought was getting better but having helped put a cover on a swimming pool in Vilaminiscle i am not to sure as he got tired really quickly.

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