to bite a mosquito

November 20th, 2012

Moira is was home for the weekend, and Mark and Wendy rang to se if we wanted to go for fish n chips in the cafe colon, of course we said yes, as always the chips were really good and got some tartar sauce to put on my salad. we ended up in the bar but didnt stay that long, and got home at a respectable time.

Saturday was market day we got home just before it started raining, and managed to go to the garden centre in the afternoon in between showers., we stayed in in front of the fire. after i planted cyclemen in Moira pots out side her office.

Sunday we were all supposede to go for a walk but Wendy wasnt feeling well at in was raining to much so we went for a trip in Irenas new car and a beer in Espolla, after Irena dropped us of again it had kind of stopped raining, so Moira and i decided to go for a quick walk on our own along the prom at Santa Margerita.

Jesus went to the doctor on Friday to be told the medication they put him on hasnt worked, they are now trying something else.


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