Jesus does curry

November 27th, 2012

Its Tuesday and winter has finaly arrived in our part of the world, the bed room radiators have a thermostat and it was 15 degrees up there when i got home, and probably still is 15 degrees, the heating doesnt go on upstairs until later on.

Moira is in China, where i believe its cold as well, and the van has finaly been and passed its MOT by the skin of its teeth i have to say, i had to shoot of and buy some stuff to clean something in the engine and then go back, so that was ok but they have decided after 5 years of MOTs that my fog light is on the wrong side for driving on the right, i know they are right and luckily i had passed loads of MOTs before hand, so they couldnt really fail on it having passed me so many times and not said anything so i have until Mayish to sort it, if it can be sorted. atleast i dont have to hide the van in the garden anymore, and i can stop using Moiras car to go to work for Jon.

which i am still doing. We did the olives last week, Moira helped one evening and Sunday i went along to help finish off, with Jon and Yasmins and their kids and Lisa (yoga teacher) and her family, it was a nice day, shame Moira was in China she would have loved it.

Saturday having dropped Moira at the train station and had finaly excepted that i might have a cold i took a beer and went back to bed, got up again finally at about 11ish, and shot of to the municipal market in Roses, for a change, its alright, its not the same as Figueres but i did find a shop tyhat sold big tubs of peanut butter for 2 euros, its not the best peanut butter in the world but if i grind up some peanuts and mix it in it should do the trick, it worked with the almond butter i made in the afternoon

Friday night i drove Me Moira Wendy and Mark to the Italian in Empuria Brava, i drove as it was kind of my turn and i had to drive Moira to the station early the next morning, it was alright it was a different chef to normal, still we got a free bottle of Rose for some reason.


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