Lemon grass oil

September 11th, 2018

La Diada, Catalunyas day off due to losing there country to Spain. We went to the beach instead of Barcelona, but last night we did participate in the Diada party as the street cats association was providing the old and drink. Hundred people and more turned up to eat sausages and white beans, I have to say though that it was good fun, I got to talk Catalan and politics all in one night.
The weekend, there was music up at Pepes on Saturday night, so instead of going out Friday night we ate at home then went to the bar for a couple. Saturday night t pass the time before the music started, we went for a very good curry in Figueres.
Sunday we had guests, the last weekend with 2 couples, after Moira had tidied up and I had cleaned the pool and done a bit of gardening we went to Castello de Empuries as it was their medieval festival, we go every year.

August 29th, 2018

While taking some gazpatcho i realised that i could write my blog on my phone, its onlt taken me 10 years, lije they say here without rushing but without stopping.
The weekend went well a part from founding out that one of the cars side lights had melted while going in to the garage to get the brake light fixed.
Friday night we went ti el Moli as there was the same bloke pkaying that played at Irenes birthday party.
Saturday i worked the morning then when Moira had finushed we went to Figueres to buy some garden chairs and a garden light. We git what we wanted and some.
Sunday Moira had a bit to do, ehich meant we had time to go to the beach for a couple of hours ti try out our new beach brolly, and get back in time to meet Irena and Inger for Sunday lunch in Carmens on Irena. As a thank you for her birthday party.

The parsley got a massive shock

August 20th, 2018

We was a bit busy last week de to Dad being here until Tuesday, paying guests, Joanna and then the fiesta Major of Garriguella.
Friday night was the disco mobile in the cementeri vell behind the church, for us, until 3 in the morning as Moira had to get up and do breakfast at 7.oo, b for some people it went on until last at least 8.00 am.
Saturday I had some work to do as did Moira,new guests arriving and then more fiesta. We didn’t make it till 3 this time.
Sunday Moira had a double change over, so I did the garden. Until she had finished then we went for a vermouth put on by the village and then up to Pepes before we had to back home to meet and greet the new guests.

Placido Domingo

August 1st, 2018

It’s hot, and tomorrow is going to be hotter, it’s so hot when you rest your elbow on the table to type it slides off.
I’m going to go backwards last night we went to the bar as Mick and Tracy where here for Irenas birthday and her birthday party which was Monday night. Inger arranged music and food Moira did more food and got in touch with old friends of Irena, they did loads and it payed of. She loved it, we all had a great time in amongst the vine yards drinking, chatting and listening to a man playing a guitar.
Sunday a part from blowing up Balloons, meeting mick and Tracy in the bar tidying our garden up for the next guests while Moira worked on the house, making vegan cheese, as by sheer coincidence we had 3 vegans staying. A part from all that we did very little.
Saturday I worked as did Moira and that night we stayed in and sat on the balcony until it was time to go to bed.
Friday night we went up to Pepe o eat and watch the moon eclipse and turn red.

The flirt.

July 24th, 2018

Quite weekend, or that was the idea.
We didn’t go out and eat Friday night as we had eastern out a lot over the last 2 weeks so we went to the bar after dinner for a couple. Then Steve and his father in law turned up. They were about to leave when Maria and her step mother turned up. They were finishing their first drink when Tina and John also turned up. When we left we left a good tip.
Saturday I was working and we stayed in for the evening.
Sunday it was a bit over cast so when Moira had got rid of the guests and cleaned up we went for a walk to Pepes via the tour de Garriguella. About an hour after we got home Pepe turned up to take the old boiler away, we have already payed for the new one, not as much as we feared. That night we had no guests the last night until the end of August. We sat on the balcony and enjoyed every minute.


July 17th, 2018

Two weeks, last weeks excuse was we had just got back from Kirstys and Willys wedding in Tain, we where there for the weekend, had a ball, I wore a kilt, danced to much, but got home to Garriguella at 4 in the morning. 3 hours before I had to get up to go to work. Meanwhile the boiler was playing up and the cat had got in a fight. We took the cat to the vet and got the boiler replaced and then it was Friday again.
we went to Pepes with Cerrie and Sonny up at the tortoise bar again.
Saturday I worked all, the evening we stayed in to eat and then met Inger and a slightly very drunk Irena to go and see The Full Monty in the little square in lower garriguella, not that many people there, we were ok as we had brought along some wine. What a great film.
Sunday I had a couple of hours work while Moira tidied the house then we went to the beach for a couple of hours to get Moira out of the house. We came home early as we had been invited to Stewart and Isabelle’s for tea, she’s a good cook, the risotto was delicious.
Semi back to normal, the cat has been steadily better. The new boiler works a dream, the sun is shinning and the pool seems to have worked out what it should look like.

Harvesting garlic

June 26th, 2018

This weekend we didn’t go camping but Friday night we did go up to Pepes outdoor bar for the first time this year, with Cerrie, Sonny and Stuart and Isabele. Just like the good old days, including the walk home under the stars.
Saturday I worked the morning, then Moira helped me for the afternoon giving us time to go the beach, another, for the first time this year. That night was the party for Sant Juan in the village. We made it nail 1 in the morning,but Moira had to get up and do Breakfast for 8 and the music was getting worse.
Sunday was a well needed home day, Moira had 2 changeovers and I had a chain saw to try out, as well as lights to hang.

Electric chain saw

June 20th, 2018

Finally its hot, but really hot from one extreme to another. I am having to water the lawn, still haven’t been in the pool though, Moira has.
As far as the weekend went, well it was a good weekend, we stayed in Friday night as we had gone out Thursday night for Cerries birthday. Saturday morning I worked then we packed the car full of camping gear and set of 40 mins up the road to Albanya and its campsite Basagoda. Albanya is a small village with not even a shop as the shop owner has retired. It does have a bar so we stopped for a beer. It also has an observatory but seeing as it was overcast and one of the longest days of the year we gave looking at the stash a miss. The campsite was lovely, right next to the river Muga with a reasonably good restaurant.
Sunday I woke up early, to early to get a coffee at the bar so I sat in the sun and read my book. When breakfast was done we went for a walk up the Muga, stopping on the way back for Moira to sunbathe and me to read more in the shade. We got home to Garriguella via a beer in St Lorence de la Muga, watered the garden checked the pool and sat in the hammock to read more.
Back to reality Monday.

margaret goes home

June 5th, 2018

it feels like its rained every day for weeks, generally only in the evening and generally only when i havent taken along waterproofs to work.
thinfgs are a bit different at the moment as Pepes is shut, he handed his town bar over to a new couple, and is now when he is not looking after cows getting the tourtoise bar ready for sant Joan at the end of June. not to worry though as Chez Luisette is open, on Friday we went with Inger and her daughter with her daughters sons and Irena. bit more expensive then Pepes, a lot more expensive but we had a really good time, even got shown how to floss and got to pull out of the closet some really old children friendly jokes.
Saturday i worked in the morning then we went to Corca as Moira had a stall selling her jewellery at the anglican church spring fair. No one came, still she managed to sell some pieces.
that night we stayed in to watch Britains got talent
Sunday after doing the washing and the weekly swimming pool clean, we went to Palau to prune a hedge then to Roses as it was the roses fair of Roses, as usual there was very few roses. next week we will not be going to Roses as it was the second week in a row.


May 29th, 2018

Janna canceled so I had time to take it easy and water my own garden, prune the wisteria and passionflower a bit, practice the Graller, sit down and write this. Then after I have writen this, spoken to my dad and practiced the ukulele, I will put the dinner on.
The weather is still playing silly buggers, i haven’t had to water the lawn yet and it’s really nearly June.
Friday night was the last Friday night at Pepes town bar for the foreseeable future as he was handing it over to someone new.
Saturday I worked all day while Moira got the house ready for guests. They arrived then went straight out again, while we stayed in and watched britons got talent.
Sunday morning the guests left quite early, Moira put the washing on while I sorted the pool out, which is finally looking like it should do. I think I know where I went wrong but I have already bored enough peopl to go on about it. Everything done we went to Roses as we mistakenly thought there was something special going n in Roses. Instead Moira bought some saddles and me some espadrilles, the espadrilles were for my birthday. That night we went to Pepes as it was his last night, we met up with Cerrie for a couple then came home to drink to the end of a short era.