The bigger room

September 25th, 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks, the first week we had friends here and I just plain forgot the second week, which is white I am writing today instead of Tuesday as I know I will forget, or end up chatting to the B.N.B guests and then I have Joanna to talk to.
I can barely remember what we did the first weekend, Jenny and Lorna where here we probably went to Pepes, as we did this Friday night, at one point we ate in Chez Luisette but not sure if that was not during the week or the weekend, we also ate in Can Batlle. Last weekend we only ate at Pepes, Saturday I worked all day while Moira tidied up after the German couple. Sunday we went to the beach, not the best of days but perfect for us as neither of us were working.
I have treated the palm tree, decided to stop watering the tomatoes, chili curtain is getting bigger. Still playing the ukulele, broad beans have germinated and Zumbar has started again.


August 30th, 2017

Writing this quickly because it’s curry and cava night, the summer guests have all gone home, it’s the first night for months that it has been only Moira and I in our house alone, just the cats, curry and cava for company.
The weekend went well I presume, Friday was back to normal as Cerrie had returned from England as she was sick of the cold. Back to normal in the sense that we went to Pepes.
Saturday I worked in the morning then we went to the market, came home. Had something to eat then I went to do a couple more hours of work. That night we stayed in having met Inger in the bar first for a couple or 3.
Sunday we went to the beach, a different beach this time, one we haven’t been to since before we had the fiat, nice beach, nice sea to swim in and nice picnic. That night we stayed in and probably went to bed early.

Use the tips of your fingers

August 22nd, 2017

2 thirds of the way through summer and it feels like it has been a long one,definitely eventful but slightly long.
This weekend started of with the village Fiesta Mayor. It kind of had started a few days before hand with an art exhibition of an artist from the village and then the day after a contemporary dancer doing her bit, all in the mayors new hall. Friday night was dancing night, I made it till 2 in the morning, would have stayed longer but my dancing partner was going and I had work in the morning.
Saturday was a work day at least a work morning and then a sit by the pool and recover afternoon. We didn’t go to the music that night as neither of us had the energy.
Sunday when the guests had got them selves sorted, we went to the beach. I had a clever plan of parking in Roses and walking to Petit Canyelles, forgetting how far it is. We managed, had a beer when we got there, then we both made the effort not to fall asleep while sunbathing.
There was more music in the square when we got home so went along to that for a while as its old fashioned music sang in Catalan and not to Moira’s liking, nor the hot sweet beverage that is traditionally served at this sort of gathering.

The arrows don’t stick

August 15th, 2017

Just remembered it’s Tuesday, blog day, having forgotten last week I’m out of the habit also it’s a bank holiday today in Spain something to do with Mary.last week end was manic, we had Farah and Jon here, in that some nights they where staying in Villajuiga, one night here and then some nights in the camping of Garriguella, this was while we had the house full of bed and breakfast guests. Busy busy busy
This weekend was a weekend to recover and catch up, that was the idea, Friday night we met John and Tina in the bar for a couple. Saturday both me and Moira worked, even though I had popped something out on my back, luckily I had a back support belt, bit to big for me but it kind of does the job, that ad deep heat. That afternoon we went to Empuria Brava to buy swimming pool chemicals but the shop was shut Saturday afternoons, luckily it opens Sunday morning. That night evening we stayed in.
Sunday I went to get swimming pool chemicals and get the pool water tested tip: don’t take water to be tested in a old fizzy water bottle, it affects the pH.
Moira had a change over so she had loads to do, still we had time to go and see Irena and her Roses and to drink to much white wine for a Sunday afternoon came home for a siesta.
That night we stayed in as well.
Today, the bank holiday, I took the opera unity to do gardens that I would normally do Saturday and had time to plant Irenas Roses finally as the weather is forecast to cool down a bit.
We have been invited to Jon and Tina’s tonight after I go no chat to Joanna.

German Cava

August 2nd, 2017

What a great weekend, Ouli and Harry arrived on Friday, a really nice couple from Germany, Natalie and Andy arrived Saturday and Sara and Carlos were supposed to arrive on Sunday but due to strikes at the arrived Monday.
Friday night we stayed in
Saturday morning I worked then went to pick Nat and Andy up from Figueres us station taking the opportunity to buy some peanuts while I was there. That night we went to Can Batlle for the first time this summer, as good as always.
Sunday Nat, Andy and I went for a walk while Moira got the house tidy for Sara and Carlos. Then we went to Irenas as it was her birthday and probably drunk to much for a Sunday afternoon sitting amongst the vines.
Monday night as it was Nat and Andys last night we went to Pepes, it was buy which is a good thing, we didn’t stay late as I was driving them to the airport at 4 in the morning Tuesday morning.

Gardening tours

July 26th, 2017

Friday night started with Rocky picking us up from Irena, Irena, Moira, Inger and I and taking us to Peralada pasta restaurant. He went, we ate then the 4 of us went to see Brian Ferry all for Irenas birthday, she had bought the tickets. The second half was great, I think I fell asleep during the first half.
Saturday I worked as did Moira in the morning then home to get the house tidy for guests and to get Moira’s jewellery ready for the Pau night fair. Some of the guests arrived , the other arrived while we was in Pau. As Sonya said we will make more money with bed and breakfast then with jewellery.
Sunday was up early to do breakfast a walk to Pepes via the tour de Garriguella, then home to do nothing but sleep and read and sleep and read.

Studying ants

July 19th, 2017

It’s Wednesday I am all alone as Moira has gone to London to sell jewellery, so I took the opportunity to try one of the chilies that I have grown from the seeds Joanna s sister brought me over from Colombia. I have discovered that they need to be treated with respect
The weekend went as planned Friday night we went up to Pepes with Jack in tow. He loved eating the grass Emma just loved getting out.
Saturday Moira and I worked in the morning, came home packed, watered the garden and then went camping to what one probably called call Germany, as it seemed every German camper an in the world was on that campsite, I have no problem with Germans but when the waiters do not speak Spanish in a Spanish campsite, I feel it’s a bit odd. We went to that campsite to eat at a beach bar that night, but we got there and it was full, very full, so we ate in the campsite restaurant, not brilliant but not bad, good coffee. Then back to the tent for more wine and to chat with the only other British couple on the campsite, we only mentioned Brexit once, I get the impression he voted out as he was surprised to hear that Spain could show Brussels a thing or two when it comes to corruption.
Sunday we had breakfast at Sant Marti then walked the prom and back.
The girls and Jack where by the pool when we got home, we ate at home that night, and Jack had his first chickpea curry.

Don’t want to sleep

July 12th, 2017

Been a bit of a weekend. Friday was Pepes Sue and Bob came along, English clients, and Isabel client as well.
Saturday I worked pretty much all day we had guest, a couple who had been before and her mum and dad from Poland, they had a nice time, they also brought us some polish chocolate.
Sunday was a nice day Moira got the house ready for Fiona and crew arriving while me Irena and Inger went on the No to macro camping in Garriguella march. We ended up in the bar.
I went to get Fiona,Pat, Emma and Jack from the airport Sunday evening.
Monday friends of Pat and Fiona arrived, they had been traveling around Spain in a campavan, and cycling proper cycling when they could. They stayed 2 nights in their campavan outside in the street.
Jack has been learning Spanish

im a disaster

July 4th, 2017

the weekend seems like ages ago, it was a long one as well due to guests. the first lot came from Australia, nice couple, traded us a brolly for some wine. they had been sailing round mallorca then some nights in France, Barcelona and finally us. they went then a young couple arrived eventually, stayed the night and left eventually. its nice though getting to meet new people, getting to know them a bit then possibly never seeing them again.
within all that guest stuff,i managed to buy a new phone, we managed to go to Pepes on Friday night, the usual, home by about 10.30. Saturday i worked all morning as rain was forecast for the afternnon and they where right, we stayed in waiting for our young guests that night.
Sunday we got up but they didnt. when they finally left we went to Empuria brava so Moira could buy some flipflops and then to walk along the beach. thinking it wasnt going to be too hot, but it was.
i havent got my colombian intercambia for a while as she is doing holiday cover so instead i am writing my blog, making peanut butter and hopeing that the electrician might turn up as the the plug socket doesnt work in the spare bedroom.

please let it rain

June 27th, 2017

Joanna Canceled today due to her doing hooliday cover, this week and next week, will just have to speak catalan to someone else instead.
the weekend was packed, we had paying guests and non paying guests in the shape of Cathy and John, they arrived Thursday night and the 2 girls from Barcelona arrived Friday night, staying for 2 nights.
The Friday night we ate at home as Moira had prepared loads the night before and it needed to be eaten, also it was the fiesta for St John, which normally means dancing to 4 in the morning. we went along had a lovely time but the DJ wasnt the best, he didnt know how to keep people on the dance floor, i left a 2 as i had had enough trying to dance to regeaton. not a bad idea though as i had to be in a garden working at 9.30 the next morning.
Saturday morning i worked while Moira did breakfast. when i got home we went up to Pepes for something to eat then home to take up position in the hammock, me that is, then to eat in Chez Luisette. which was much better this time then last time. Cathy loved it.
Sunday we went to a restaurant in Jonquera to meet up with Cathys family and to eat more. we got home just in time to go up to Pepes to meet up with Irena and her dutch guests so i could catch up on the drinking front and Cathy and John could eat more.
needles to say both Moira and I are shattered and need a rest from eating to much and drinking to much.