May 29th, 2018

Janna canceled so I had time to take it easy and water my own garden, prune the wisteria and passionflower a bit, practice the Graller, sit down and write this. Then after I have writen this, spoken to my dad and practiced the ukulele, I will put the dinner on.
The weather is still playing silly buggers, i haven’t had to water the lawn yet and it’s really nearly June.
Friday night was the last Friday night at Pepes town bar for the foreseeable future as he was handing it over to someone new.
Saturday I worked all day while Moira got the house ready for guests. They arrived then went straight out again, while we stayed in and watched britons got talent.
Sunday morning the guests left quite early, Moira put the washing on while I sorted the pool out, which is finally looking like it should do. I think I know where I went wrong but I have already bored enough peopl to go on about it. Everything done we went to Roses as we mistakenly thought there was something special going n in Roses. Instead Moira bought some saddles and me some espadrilles, the espadrilles were for my birthday. That night we went to Pepes as it was his last night, we met up with Cerrie for a couple then came home to drink to the end of a short era.

Three quarter length trousers

May 22nd, 2018

This weekend the swimming pool has been messing with my head, we had guests until Friday morning and the pool was starting to go cloudy, they left, I chucked some chlorine in but probably not enough.more guests arrived on Saturday, the pool wasn’t perfect but they wanted to swim so I put a little bit more chlorine, again probably not enough, but then I couldn’t chuck loads in as that would mean the guest couldn’t swim. It kept looking better then worse again. The guests left as did Moira, was going to London to buy a frock. Today I have had enough and chucked all the liquid chlorine we have left at it, which probably won’t be enough.
A part from the pool everything else went well. It was my birthday Thursday, we met Cerrie, Inger, Irena and Pepe in the bar for a couple of drinks. Friday night again in Pepes this time with just Cerrie and Sonny.
Saturday I wasn’t working in the morning so went to Figueres to buy peanuts.we stayed in that night and watched the pool get a bit better.
Sunday when the guests had got up from breakfast we went to L,Escala for a walk along the prom, we ate on the balcony that night for the first time for ages, this time the pool wasn’t looking that great.
Monday morning the guests left leaving us with a name of a good Indian restaurant in Barcelona

We have a president

May 16th, 2018

Back to writing on the old iPad that I have to say is quicker then the computor even though it’s older then the computor.
The weekend, we had guests, it rained, but not Friday night, Friday night was off course Pepe with Cerrie. Isabel and Stweart were going to come along but didn’t feel we deserved to have to listen to Stewart’s sister in law who apparently doesn’t stop talking.
Saturday I worked all day, finished doing the garden of the Austrains which should mean that for the next couple of weeks I won’t have so much work to do. That night we did have guests and that night it did rain all night. it was Eurovision night, it was so good that I feel asleep half way through.
Sunday was cold and wet. We went to Girona Temps de Flors as we always do, except last year, a lot less people then normal due to the rain, but still enjoy the whole thing especially as every year we always see something new. We had time for a curry then a bit more of a walk round looking at more flowers then home by the slightly faster train then the one we got to get there. I took Mums wedding ring to Girona, If I remember I will take it to Pepes next weekend.

Aunty Mary had a canary

May 8th, 2018

got the old computor out for the first time for ages, had a bit of time as Joanna cancelled, she is working, and i had no need to go to Figueres with Moira. time to catch up, water the garden, check the pool, practice the graller and the ukulele and even do a bit of studying catalan, then make dinner using the peas grown in the garden.
Friday night as usual was Pepes night, he might be able to get me the coffe bags i use for our coffee machine, which will be brilliant, as being Pepe the coffee will be good coffee and if i buy it using his name he vcan claim back the I.V.A.
Saturday i worked, it didnt rain like it was forecast, came home and mowed our lawn, as we were having lodgers, they turned up hung around a bit, disapeared, then returned saying they had to go as the daughter had been rushed to hospital, it seems she is ok now. they had booked and payed for 3 nights, we stayed in that night.
Sunday i worked a bit with Moiras help, then we went to Figueres as there was a fiesta going on, we stayed had a look around, drunk some beer, felt a bit like we where on our holidays then came home for something to eat and a walk up behind the village.

The jet washer

April 26th, 2018

Time to write the blog, been a busy week, what with Graller practice and all that.the weekend started as it always starts in Pepes after a short visit to see Inger and I Rena on Ingers terrace.
Saturday I worked all day and we also had people staying that night, a nice French couple that spoke fluent English. Sunday I went off to do a couple of hours of work while Moira tidied up the house after the French couple left.
Monday night was Graller practice and then straight on to Zumba, Tuesday night I had Joanna, Wednesday night I had nothing to do but then I worked an extra hour for Jesus, then went to do half an hour in a garden in the village. Then tonight I cycled to Marca because Moira had the car, for more Graller practice.
The palm tree needs spraying

The fallen almond tree

April 11th, 2018

It’s winter again, rained pretty much all day today as well as all day Sunday, watered the tomatoes in though.
Last weekend started Friday night in the pizza restaurant, Peralada, it was our 22nd wedding anniversary.
Saturday I worked most of the day while Moira shopped and took delivery of 32 sacks of pellets for the stove. We stayed in that night.
Sunday was so bad that the walk we had planned to do turned into a trip to various supermarkets and a hardware shop that I like to go to. On the way home we popped in to Ingers to pay her as she had ordered our pellets on the order for her pellets and payed for the lot, also she had Vogt some beer in for us, so it would have been rude not to visit her. That night we put the fire on for the first time for a week.
Suggested Fly me to the moon, to the Gralla group and they loved the idea, not going to be easy making it sound Jazzy on the Gralla.

Maria goes to the Colombian shop

March 29th, 2018

I reckon by Saturday I will be able to play, El Circ, Rock, a bit of a white stripes song, a bit of a pasa doble, Nino nana or something like that and the first bit of la manta al cool. On the gralla, whether I can play them on the day is yet to be heard.
Last weekend was a bit busy, Friday night we went to Pepes as usual.
Saturday it rained all day but we still managed to go Max’s party, which we go to every year in his workshop near Marca. Then host a curry night for Moira’s birthday at home.
Sunday was Pepes birthday party, it wasn’t raining which was handy as he had cooked calcots, for us and his family.
Monday we had a bit of recovering to do before my last Gralla rehearsal and then Zumba.

Pickled chillies

March 22nd, 2018

It was Moira’s birthday yesterday, we went to a Turkish restaurant in Figueres, more like a charming Turkish cafe, really good and really cheap.
Moira had a weekend on her own, Friday night she took me to the train station Saturday night she went to Pepes and Sunday night she picked me up again from th same train station. I had gone to England to plant, as it happens, I had gone to England to plant while it was snowing, breaking all the gardening rules but, Dad and I did a good job.
Saturday night we went for a pub lunch, it was still snowing which made the drive home interesting.
Sunday morning it had been snowing so much that we really could do nothing rules or no rules. Mid day I started to make my way home. A good weekend planting and playing the ukulele and cooking when necessary.
Tuesday I had a funny one, I was doing a hedge when a big bag flew by, that never happens thanks mum I thought to myself. Then Jesus found 2 more big bags blowing down the road the next day.

Beetroot vindaloo

March 14th, 2018

Bust busy busy, which is a good thing I suppose. It’s because Easter is only 2 weeks away and Jesus has a load for me to do before then, before the clients arrive, getting there but I am starting to fall asleep in front of the tele. What with all that work the Gralla group told me that I will be playing with them at the Easter fair in the village, no pressure then. I also still want to play the ukulele and learn Catalan, might give the learning French a miss for a while.
As for the weekend, It wasn’t Pepes, actually it was for me, because there was a pool competition, I entered knowing I had to loose as the next round was Saturday night and we where going out with Inger Saturday night. I did loose, although at one point I thought I wouldn’t as the bloke I was playing was worse then me. Moira’s stayed at home as did Cerrie and Sonny.
Saturday night we went out with Inger to Chez Luisette, we had their pad Thai which was delicious last time I had it but lacked zest this time. So glad I learnt to eat with chop sticks when I was young.
Sunday we went to Mollet de Peralada as there was a cod fair on. Barely any cod was available, but there was 3 Gralla groups doing their bit which was interesting for me, maybe not so much Moira. We also found another place to buy pellets, I think we are liking Lydia’s pellets at the moment. That night we meet Ian and Stewart in Pepes, Inger and Irena came along, and the Steve and Maria. After everyone went home Maria come over to ours for a bit to much wine for Sunday night. We all made it Zumba the next evening though.

pellets from Asturias

March 7th, 2018

Funny day today, after a really nice weekend. So nice that yesterday i was quite shattered, the rain didn’t help either. No today, my mobile decided to ring of it’s own accord 2 people with news.that I needed to know. In the morning it rung a client who while on the phone told me that his daughter was arriving the end of next week which meant I had to get the garden looking at least tidy. The in
the afternoon it rung Joanna, who again while on the phone told me that she couldn’t make this evening, which was a shame but just what I needed to know, so as I could work half an hour longer and getvan olive tree pruned. I not sure I believe in ghosts as such maybe the spirit does live on for a while after someone dies. Don’t know and not sure knowing would change the way I live my life, but It was a nice feeling thinking that it was my mun helping me out a bit.
Friday night we went to bar. Moira has got herself a Vale and was trying it out, she still feel she needs to go outside.
Saturday we shopped then I worked, then we watched a film in front of the fire
Sunday we went to Boadella to see how low the water level was on the dam. It was low, lower then we had seen it for years. We also went to see a building on the river that feeds the lake, that not only Jesus had told me to go and see but Inger as well. Interesting iglf you like swiss built hotel spars in the middle of the Catalan countryside